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Triennale Trauma Tunnel

Bruges Triennial brings contemporary art and architecture to the historic centre of the city of Bruges, a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Taking place every three years, Bruges Triennial invites (inter)national artists and architects to make and present new commissions across the city’s public spaces. A series of temporary artworks and architectural installations enter a conversation with the city through the questions raised by a curatorial concept. Together, the commissions make a city-wide exhibition which unfolds along waterways, through cobbled streets, at places of worship or on narrow alleys. Bruges Triennial builds on the legacy of a series of triennials dedicated to the visual arts, that were organised in 1968, 1971 and 1974. The Triennial has since successfully organised three editions, in 2015, 2018 and 2021.

  • HOUSE OF TIME House of Time is a long-term project that was launched by the German architectural firm ‘raumlabor’. On an old indus...

  • THE FLOATING ISLAND The Floating Island is a unique experience on the canals near the Snaggaardbrug. With this structure, the Korean architectural firm...

  • LANCHALS For Lanchals, John Powers has drawn inspiration from the rich history and folklore of Bruges. He dug up the legend about Piet...


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