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Art exhibitions in Bruges at Bruges Triennial

Triennial art exhibitions

Discover art exhibitions in Bruges at BRUGES Triennial

Want to discover art exhibitions in Bruges? From May to October 2021, Bruges Triennial is converting the historic centre of the West Flemish capital into an art and architecture trail. Strolling alongside canals, cobbled streets, peaceful places of worship and unoccupied sites, you explore sides of the city you don’t usually get to see.

Highlights of Bruges that hit all the right notes

Balancing on the fine line between the beautiful and the uncanny, this edition of Bruges Triennial , entitled TraumA, is a unique opportunity to enhance your list of things to do in Bruges.

Current, pluralistic and occasionally absurd. Art exhibitions continue to look for, challenge and push the boundaries of traditional artistic movements. It is diverse and accessible to a wider audience, with many artists daring to enter into a broader cultural discourse with the aim of establishing their identity and individuality.

A colourful, eccentric city like Bruges is the perfect environment for the uninhibited nature of art exhibitions and architecture. From May to October 2021, the historic city centre is the backdrop for Bruges Triennial: TraumA, a journey of discovery into the beautiful and mysterious sides of the city and its artistic expression.

Bruges Triennial 2021: discover art exhibitions in Bruges

Bruges art exhibitions Triennial

Looking for a unique way to discover art exhibitions in the historic centre of Bruges? Triennial Bruges, an event focused on art and architecture held every three years, offers the ideal opportunity. During Bruges Triennial, you take a physical and spiritual walk among art, installations and architecture by various Belgian and international artists: art exhibitions in Bruges in an unrivalled setting.

This edition, TraumA, is the third in a series that began in 2015 and will take place between May and October 2021. Bruges Triennial is organised by Brugge Plus vzw, Musea Brugge, Kenniscentrum vzw and Cultuurcentrum Brugge, and was commissioned by the City of Bruges.