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Housing first

Wim Haeck (Villa Voortman, Gent), Femke den Hollander en Kathy Renaudin (CAW)

27.06 | 11.00 > 12.30

Speelplein Dekenstraat/Raadsherenlaan, Sint-Kruis


Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA portrays the thin line between paradise and reality, between the beauty of Bruges and its everydayness that both transports and surprises. Thirteen national and international artists and architects have dug into its history and brought up themes that characterize life in Bruges, past, and present. These subjects are included in their artistic interventions and Triennial Bruges also wants to make them discussable in a series of conversations starting with: Housing First.

Today, Bruges has 118,446 inhabitants, of whom some 98,600 live in the outskirts of the city. Approximately 15,000 Bruges residents live on the border of poverty. The waiting lists for social housing are getting longer, the demand for emergency aid or support is growing. With the local social policy plan, proposed in early 2020, the City of Bruges wants to turn the tide and tackle child poverty, mental health problems, and housing shortages, among other things.

After all, housing is a basic right. Proper housing, a healthy environment, and health protection are part of the Belgian Constitution. Yet not everyone has a roof over their heads, many people are in a precarious situation or no longer have access to housing assistance. How can this remaining group be given a place in society again? In Housing First, we have three speakers who give evidence from their practical experience: Wim Haeck (Villa Voortman, Ghent), Femke den Hollander and Kathy Renaudin (CAW North-West Flanders). We listen to their vision, possible alternatives, and encouraging initiatives.



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