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Frequently asked questions


What is Triennial Bruges?

Every three years Triennial Bruges brings contemporary art and architecture to the historic core of the city of Bruges in a unique setting as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 2015, Triennial Bruges has continued to build on a series of triennials that were put together in 1968, 1971 and 1974 around visual arts and have now once again become part of the public domain. International and regional artists and architects are invited by the artistic team to present new temporary installations. A dozen works of art and meeting places are always in active dialogue with the environment, along waterways, through cobbled streets.

What is TraumA about?

With TraumA, Triennial Bruges dives into the ‘uncanny’ history and reality of Bruges. Historical layers are exposed, forgotten or hidden storylines discussed. This edition explores the thin line between dream and trauma, between paradise and hell. It appeals to the imagination, to the pomp and circumstance, but also to the ‘uncanny’ that is present underground. For although Bruges seems to be a dream destination for many, poverty, loneliness, pollution or fear also lurk in this picture-perfect world. You can read more information on our website.

Who selected the artists?

The selection was done by the artistic team consisting of Till-Holger Borchert, Michel Dewilde, Santiago De Waele and Els Wuyts. For Triennial Bruges, the main focus is, on the one hand, on which artists and architects can present a work that fits within the chosen theme of ‘TraumA’ and, on the other hand, on who offers a different and uninhibited view of Bruges in a high-quality manner. As before, the third edition offers opportunities to register for different events within the theme of TraumA. There is also a parallel program in the form of ’Inspired by…’.

Are there any Belgian artists or architects involved in Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA?

Three Belgian artists/architects are taking part, including Nadia Naveau who has roots in Bruges, but currently lives in Antwerp. Architects Gijs Van Vaerenbergh from Leuven and Hans Op de Beeck, a native of De Kempen (The Campine) who lives and works in Brussels, as well as the Belgian artists participating in the exhibition ‘The Porous City’ in the Poortersloge.

Public program

Are there any events related to the Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA taking place?

Due to the current COVID-19 measures, it was decided to move all events from May and June and reschedule them over the months of July, August, September and October. More information about future events can be found later on our website.

Is there any literature available for families and schools? Where can I find this?

Yes, there is an inspiration guide for teachers (primary) and activity cards (Years 1 to 6). You can pick up the activity cards at the Bruges info offices.  For more information about what’s on offer, please visit our website.

Will there be another grand opening for the public?

Given the current health measures, there is no major public opening. Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA will be officially inaugurated on 9 May, however, by the ringing of as many Bruges bells as possible. At 2p.m., there will be a digital broadcast and stewards will be on hand that day to provide information and ensure safety. The broadcast can be followed via the website, the social media channels and via the website of the partners of Triennial Bruges: Musea Brugge, Cultuurcentrum Brugge, Stad Brugge, Visit Bruges and Concertgebouw Brugge. More information on the opening here.


When can I visit Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA? 

Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA is held between 8 May and 24 October 2021. The installations can be viewed 24/7 and are located in public spaces. Some installations can be accessed during specific opening hours. More detailed information about the opening hours can be found here.


Is there a Triennial information desk where I can get information about Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA?

Yes, all information is available from the Bruges info offices In&Uit and Visit Bruges and there is a general information desk at the Poortersloge. You can find more information about the information desks here.

How to get to Bruges to visit Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA? 

Bruges is a compact city. It is not advisable to drive into the city centre. City centre parking is not free, both above ground and in the underground car parks. There is a regular bus service from the peripheral car parks to the city centre. Discover all transport possibilities for Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA on our website and all Bruges-related accessibility information here.

How can I visit Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA individually?

You can visit Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA with a map of the city and accompanied by audio guides and the podcast. Each outdoor installation has an information column with more details about the works which you can listen to by scanning a QR code. The total walking distance of the art trail is 10 km on average.

Can I visit Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA with children?

You certainly can! More information about what Triennial Bruges has to offer families and children on our website here.

Can I visit Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA with my class?

You certainly can! You can find more information here.

Is a city map available? Where can I find it? 

Yes, from 8 May, you can collect the city map from the Poortersloge, In&Uit or the Bruges Tourism offices. An interactive city map is also available on this website.

Is Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA wheelchair-friendly?  

Triennial Bruges strives for maximum and easy accessibility for people with disabilities. The locations are wheelchair-accessible with assistance. Guide dogs are welcome everywhere. Please visit this website for more information about the trail.

Can I follow a mapped-out trail? 

No, there is no mapped-out trail. Visitors can map out their own trail on the basis of the city map. You only follow a mapped-out route/trail if you are accompanied by a guide when exploring the installations.

Are there any tips & tricks for preparing a visit to Triennial Bruges 2021? TraumA?

If you wish to use your smartphone, install a QR reader so that you can listen to the podcasts.   Bring headphones, earphones…. to listen to the audio guides.

Are there earphones/headsets available to listen to the podcasts?

No, Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA does not provide earphones/headsets.

Where can I find toilets in the city centre? 

You can use the public toilets. For more information about toilets in the city, you can consult the interactive citymap.

Where can I find something to eat or drink?  

House of Time offers a summer bar between 19 June and 19 September on Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 6pm. Many restaurants and cafes offer a special menu or drink as a Triennial ambassador. Discover them on the interactive map.

Where are the installations/artworks located?

The installations are located in the city centre of Bruges and in Zeebruges. More information about each location can be found on the (interactive) city map.

Which exhibition is held at the Poortersloge?

During Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA, group exhibition ‘The Porous City’ held at the Poortersloge will run parallel to the interventions in the city and in Zeebrugge. You can find more information here

Are there guided tours for people with visual or hearing impairments?

The S-wan guide association has developed a Triennial Bruges walk tailored to the needs of people with a visual or hearing impairment. For more information about this tour, please visit the website.

Guided tours

Is there a guided tour for schools?

Yes, tours are available from Reception to Year 8. Tickets can be reserved by phone via In&Uit, +32 (0)78 15 20 20, by e-mail [email protected] or from the In&Uit info office at ‘t Zand. Schools can book without paying in advance. For more information about guided tours, find out more on our website. 

Can I book a group tour?

Yes, there is a guided tour on foot and one by bicycle. All information about group tours can be found on this website.

I have specific questions about the guided group tours, who can I contact? 

For this, it is best to contact the guide organisations Hello Bruges, Gidsenbond and S-wan directly.

Can I book a VIP package? 

Yes, experience Triennial Bruges as a VIP with your guests (10 or more), including a champagne reception and VIP dinner in the Royal St George’s Archers Guild with a guided Triennial Bruges 2021 visit by bike as the highlight! For more information, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


How do I book my entrance to the exhibition in O.L.V. Ter Potterie (Our Lady of the Pottery)?

Tickets can be booked via Musea Brugge .

How do I book my entrance to the exhibition 'The Porous City'? 

Tickets can be booked via Musea Brugge.

How do I pay for a guided tour reservation?

When you purchase a ticket, you must pay immediately. The price quoted is the total price, including all possible taxes, bank and transaction charges. The booking is final upon payment. In case of cancellation by the customer, there is no possibility of a refund.

Is a tour booked by an individual or family refunded if it is cancelled by the organisation because of e.g. COVID-19? 

No, in case of cancellation no refund is possible.

What measures are important when organising guided tours and who decides on cancellation?

Triennial Bruges follows the COVID-19 measures imposed on all tourist walks within Bruges territory. Please click here for an up-to-date overview.

Triennial Bruges and Covid-19

Will my visit to Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA be COVID-19-proof?

Absolutely. However, it is important that you adhere to the applicable measures as imposed by the government and/or the organisation. The majority of the Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA art installations are set up outdoors, scattered throughout the city. You are free to plan your own trail; there is no imposed trail to avoid possible waiting times and queues. The indoor locations of Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA are well ventilated. Hand sanitiser and face masks are also available here. Distance and one-way traffic rules apply. This way, your visit to these locations can proceed in a responsible manner.

Am I required to wear a face mask in the city centre? 

During Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA, the measures will be applied as determined by the City of Bruges. However, the organisation explicitly asks you to always wear a face mask in the vicinity of each art installation.

What if there are too many people in the city? What about crowd control?

Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA takes place in the public space. The police and the organisation closely monitor the public turnout. If there are too many people in the city, the police may decide to close off certain access roads.  The organisation of Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA can also decide to close a series of installations should the need arise.

Will there be a crowd barometer?

No, the art installations of Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA are widely spread throughout the city and visitors can enjoy the art trail for 6 months. Thanks to this spread in time and space, the organisation does not expect large concentrations of visitors at any one time. Of course the police and the organisation will together keep a finger on the pulse and can intervene if necessary.


How can I stay informed about Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA?

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Is there a hotline for questions or complaints? Repairs?

You can submit your question via the contact form or via [email protected] stating COMPLAINT.

How can I submit an idea/project for the 2024 edition?

If you have an idea, please let us know via the contact form or via [email protected]

Are dogs allowed at the Héctor Zamora installation?

No dogs are allowed on the installation. If you are visiting the installation with your four-legged friend, you can tie up your dog in the garden while you go upstairs.

Are dogs allowed at the other locations of Triennial Bruges 2021?

Only assistance dogs are allowed at the indoor sites of Triennial Bruges 2021: Poortersloge, Museum O.L.V. ter Potterie and Gregor Schneider.