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Key of Héctor Zamora’s intervention is a large Austrian Pine in the centre of the walled garden of Gezellehuis. A scaffolding structure that completely wraps the tree reminds us of the strategy that Strangler Trees use to grow in tropical forests. Zamora aims for a clash between the universal symbols of the tree (nature, life,...) and the use of a scaffolding structure (human being progress,...), where the choice for RAL 3024 red luminous accentuate this collision. Climbing the scaffolding allows the visitor to interact in a different way with the tree, with nature and ultimately with himself. Whoever completes the climb will gain a different perspective on the tree and its surroundings, like never before. When it is busy, we close the queue from 5 p.m. and do not allow new visitors to join. In case of bad weather, such as strong winds and torrential rain, the installation may be closed.

10 a.m. > 6 p.m. | Closed on Mondays

Garden Gezellehuis

People <1.40m are not allowed on the installation




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