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With INFINITI²³, Peter Van Driessche has planned a vertical living space on the water’s edge at the Oud Sint-Jan site. The construction is reminiscent of ‘Metabolism’, a post-war Japanese architectural movement in which capsules were piled up to form tower blocks. With his installation, Van Driessche creates new space: the rectangular units are places for living, working and dwelling. While urban planners and project developers search for space in which to build in the future, the architect suggests a spot where we live closer to each other, are housed in smaller spaces and can move easily on the steadily rising water level. It becomes a temporary anchor within the urban fabric. Van Driessche also involves students in interior architecture in his project in designing this new manner of living.


Site Oud Sint Jan



Peter Van Driessche
The architectural agency Atelier4 has been working in Ghent since 1989 with two partners and three employees, including Bruges resident Peter Van Driessche (1964, Ghent). Their primary know-how has been built locally over the years in medium-sized projects in the public and private sectors, constructing both new buildings and renovations. This installation for the Bruges Triennial is Peter Van Driessche's first time participation in an international artistic context.

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