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Bruges Triennial launches five-part podcast

The Bruges Triennial has launched an inspiring podcast about the history of Bruges and the city's relationship with art and architecture. In five episodes of about 20 minutes, this podcast delves into the history of Bruges and its relationship with art and architecture.

This year, you can prepare even better for your visit to the third edition of Triennial Bruges 2021. In a five-part podcast series, we delve deeper into the history of the city of Bruges, its links with art and architecture in the city and we shine a light on the theme, TraumA and the thirteen installations that will arise here and there in the city centre.

“This podcast is the ideal preparation for a visit to Bruges Triennial, or for those who simply want to know more about the city of Bruges, its sometimes dark history, its first tourist steps, the origins of Bruges Triennial, the theme of this edition and the installations that will be on display in the city centre of Bruges this summer.” – MAYOR DIRK DE FAUW

The podcast is available from today on Spotify, Apple Music en Google Podcasts!

EPISODE 1: History of Bruges, the sleeping beauty

The first episode explores the origins of Bruges as a city and delves into its often dark history. Where does the name ‘Bruges’ come from? How did Bruges become the political, economic and cultural powerhouse of Northwestern Europe from the 14th century onwards? And how did the city deteriorate so much afterwards that it was described as an old and sleeping city?

EPISODE 2: The city architect: creating a dream city

In the second episode, architecture runs like a thread through Bruges’ history. How do you create and preserve a historic city on a human scale? How to balance between the valuable historical heritage and contemporary architecture?

Episode3: The artist

The third episode focuses on art and the perception of art in the city of Bruges. This episode takes us along the historical route that Bruges Triennial has already taken and opens the door to new and challenging art projects.

Episode 4: The inquisitive visitor

The fourth episode elaborates on the theme of Triennial Bruges 2021: TraumA, and exposes the city’s stratification. With thematic examples, this episode gives an alternative view on Bruges and its artistic creations.

Episode 5: The migratory bird

The fifth and final episode delves into the city and discusses the work of a number of artists and architects based on historical places and events in Bruges. We also explore some less known places in the city.