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Raumlaborberlin wins Golden Lion during La Biennale di Venezia 2021

Raumlaborberlin, who participated in Triennial Bruges in 2018 with their installation House of Time, will win the Golden Lion for architecture this year for their participation in the Venice Biennale.

House of Time can still be visited today on the DuPont site. The social-artistic project initiated by the Berlin-based architects’ collective in 2017 is still continuing today. This year, House of Time also plays a role for Triennial Bruges: the silo on the site was packed by American artist Amanda Browder, as part of her installation Happy Coincidences.

This year, Raumlaborberlin is one of the participants in the 17th edition of the Venice Biennale for architecture. The theme of this edition is How we will live together. The architectural collective wins this prize with their installation Instances of urban practice.