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Book your visit in advance

It's no longer required to book your visit to the installation of Héctor Zamora in advance. Plan your visit to the exhibition in Poortersloge or the installation in Museum O.L.V. ter Potteri in advance: for these locations, booking in advance is mandatory.


Because of COVID-19 we ask you to reserve your visit to the exhibition The Porous City and your visit to Museum O.L.V. ter Potterie in advance. This can be done via the website of Musea Brugge.

Laura Splan‘s installation is located among the museum’s permanent collection. Here we follow the guidelines of Musea Brugge and ask you to book your visit in advance.

In the Poortersloge a maximum of 50 visitors are allowed, all rooms are regularly disinfected and we provide disinfecting gel for the visitors.

May we ask you to respect the known measures here as well:

  • stay home if you feel sick
  • disinfect your hands
  • wear a mouth mask (compulsory from the age of 12)
  • keep 1.5 m distance