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VIP package

VIP Experience Bruges Triennial 2021

Discover the Bruges Triennial 2021 as VIP with your guests. The VIP package is available from 10 people and includes a champagne reception and a VIP dinner in the Koninklijke Sint-Jorisschuttersgilde with as highlight a guided tour of the Bruges Triennial by bicycle. Are you a group of 40? Then you will have exclusivity of the VIP treatment for your gathering.

Choose this uniquely Bruges and extraordinary experience and make a reservation for you and your guests.

VIP experience

  • Guided visit of the Bruges Triennial 2021 – by bicycle
  • Champagne reception & VIP dinner in a unique location, typical of Bruges, the Royal Marksmen’s Guild of Saint-George (Koninklijke Sint-Jorisschuttersgilde)
  • Kick-off at 6 a.m., ending foreseen at 10:30 p.m.

You choose between:

  • Visit First: the guided tour before the VIP dinner
  • Dine First: the VIP dinner before the guided tour

It’s not possible to book the package on tuesdays and fridays.

Info and reservations via [email protected]

+/- 4uur

Koninklijke St. Joris Schuttersgilde

€285 ex. tva / pers.

Min. 10 - Max. 40 Pers.